Give Cycle Markers playback jump mode functionality like Arranger - ALSO - FR: Cycle Markers to Arranger

Hey, I often audition cycle marker sections while playback is running, with marker settings ‘Cycle Follows when Locating to Markers’ and ‘Sync Selection’ activated, and loop turned on allowing me to move around cycle markers creatively, test out different loop sections etc.

It’s a quicker alternative to the Arranger Track for just quick tests and planning, loop creating/editing, etc, etc.

I just wish there was a Jump Mode protocol for cycle markers, where if activated, and I locate to a cycle marker while playback is running, it finishes playing through the current cycle marker and then seamlessly moves to the next one I’ve selected.

It would be great to be able to create an arrangement from cycle markers.

Side note: It would also be great to be able to create Regions from Cycle Markers for tracks and or events that are selected, doing them all at once. Typically if you want to add regions across a multi-track, you have to do one at a time, naming each one going through the window prompts for each event per channel. Cycle Markers -> Event Regions across multiple tracks protocol would name by 'Channel Name - ‘Cycle Marker ID#’ - ‘Cycle Marker Name’