Give Device Panel the interface of Midi Remote... please :)

Midi remote is pretty awesome… I’ve spent some time getting to know the system a few months ago… The simplicity of freely laying out parameters + learn from midi… there’s some bugs here and there (possibly ironed out in latest version… I’m yet to dive back in as there was an NRPN issue when I was last setting up my controller… no complaints… jjust paused that for now).

Just recently I’ve been dedicating normal work time to setting up some better midi functionality for various pieces of equipment. I was hoping to get some good “midi devices” setup but then I realised I’d tried his before… it’s a painful process and when you’re done, they don’t update parameters from the HW… which is a damn shame. I then tried to setup a midi remote from a synth to control a device panel… but device panels don’t RECIEVE they just send. 100% not worth my time if I can’t record live tweaks or recieve data AND choose to use the devie panel interface whenever I like. If anything, using device panel naming for automation is more attractive to me than programming a synth via the panel anyway (i.e. the recieve is a big part of why device panels would be great if they worked).

As I setup my midi remote test (for a novation drum station at the time), it dawned on me though: This is SO FREAKING EASY to set up… it’d be so amazing if all you needed to do to setup midi control of ext. HW was twiddle some knobs and arrange controls (just like midi remote allows). Add patch scripts and a few other things… perhaps a remote keyboard for fun like on many other VSTi’s… incredible.

Please include this in Cubase 13… well… you know… 12… but I assume that ships sailed :slight_smile:

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I was just wondering the same. I just now discovered this feature. It looks… old and dusty. Does it still work? Is it deprecated?