Give Edit Mode to Cubase

EDIT MODE is the most important feature for scoring music to picture…without it sometimes it’s hard to sync perfectly our music to a video
please “steal” this from Nuendo!!!

thanks and all the best



Can I ask what it’s the difference?

Between what?

Edit mode in Cubase and Nuendo

Or I’m getting something wrong? :confused:

In this case Edit Mode refers to a mode where the cursor locks to a selected object as it is being dragged: the video scrolls as the object is dragged facilitating it’s placement.

Ahh oops! :blush:

Thanks for the reply


Under Devices I’ve setup a generic remote and assigned Button Nr. 10 from my Peavey PC1600x to:

Control Name: Edit Mode
Device: Transport
Channel/Category: Device
Value/Action: editMode
Flags: P,T,N

Since update 7.5.10 this feature is broken!!!
Please bring its functionality back. It was working flawlessly from Cubase 6.5 - 7.5.0 for me.
As a film composer I rely on such a feature to sync my edits to the picture.

Nuendo is not an option.

Thank you

I’m back to Cubase 7.5.0

I can’t understand this…why does Stein… removed this???
It’s a huge pain work with media and no edit mode, may you please add this action???

Nuendo it’s not a option for musicians, and most of us use to work in movie features and tv, I spend a lot of time doing synch without this and every time I open a PT session I can’t understand why CB doesn’t have it/


Yes, I also wonder why they removed it. Had to switch back to 7.5. Steinberg,please can we have it back in 7.5.20?

+1 on getting this feature back in the new Cubase update. This is a valuable addition to the software that allows me to work way faster scoring music to picture, my main use for Cubase.

Please correct this and add this feature back into the software.


Mr A


rather on topic-- how does one downgrade to 7.5 in windows?

Edit Mode or whatever we would call it should be a basic feature whenever a DAW supports sound to picture.
Leaving it out would only make sense if Cubase wouldn’t support Video at all. I’m still confident that it will get fixed.

Fight for your right :wink:

I agree with you on having this a basic feature integratated into cubase. I really hope it will be back in the next maintenance update. It really would suck if Steinberg would take it away for good. This feature helps alot when I’m working on music/sounddesign for picture.

Good to see I’m not alone when thinking about basic features of a DAW

its absolutely not acceptable to take functions already present in cubase,and users depend on it !
here is a workaround for meanwhile…(didn’t try myself on C 7.5.1)

Edit: sambosun i see u actually participate in the gearslutz topic there :nerd: hope the workaround works in 7.5.1 too

Dear steinberg can you please fix the broken generic remote editMode feature?

Thank you!

SB said it’s now a nuendo only feature, you’re welcome.