Give me a name (and the frame)

Hi guys,
I made this song with Cubase Pro 9 (9.0.20) using hardware and only the gates/eqs/comps/tools of the MixConsole strip, no other plugins (except for delyas and reverbs).
Written, played, performed and mix-mastered by myself.
I appreciate any feedback, enjoy and thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Lordadb, as per usual, I love your stuff. Great composition, great mix, great vocals, great usage of stereo. If you are looking for suggestions, I’d say, spend some more time on the drums to make them sound a little more like a real drummer, with more variations and dynamics. They are mostly the same pattern from beginning to end.
Love it!

The drum pattern is the same along all the song because I wanted to represent the life monotony, bringing the listener in a particular state of mind (I like a lot to write drum pattern, so, paradoxically, it was hard to resist to temptation to open the refrain with several drum fills). But I don’t know if I hit the target. :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for listening, Early21.
PS: I listened to your “Incontinental Breakfast” and… nice project, good music!

I appreciate your notion of what the drums represent. It’s just fabulous music extremely well rendered, in my opinion, and I thank you for sharing it with us. Thanks for listening to my last project.