Give me the product or give me my money back

i paid you over 600$ dollars for cubase 10 pro and Where is it? i got this useless flahs drive in the mail with no activatio code. can someone please for the love of god explain to me why this is so redicuoulsly convoluded and difficult? ami waiting for a box to show up in the mail? What do i have to do to talk to someone? please please please message me so i can resolve this issue or give me my money back so i can buy some other program that i will actually be able to use!!!

Hi and welcome,

This is user forum, we cannot deal with licenses here. I would recommend to get in contact with your local Steinberg dealer/technical support.

What (and where) exactly did you buy? Did you buy a boxed version or download version? Double-check your spam folder, please.

You did not pay me anything…
From your convoluted post, my guess is you received the USB eLicenser vial mail, and got the download link and activation code via email. Check your mail Inbox.
Apart from that, as Martin says, this is a user forum. Contact the company you bought from.