Give us a METAL dongle, please.

Please keep the dongle BUT give us a dongle that is made of a decent material .
My third dongle just snapped its end again. I cannot use it on key holder anymore.
Please give us a dongle made of metal, or a very, very, very strong plastic.
Something like the metal iLok dongle would be nice.

Thank you

+1 for a much more durable dongle.

Regards :sunglasses:


Im on my THIRD and it stays in the studio!!. JUNK they are


The current dongle is very small and transportable. much smaller than the ilok.

A small piece of brakeable plastic. It’s a fact.

I got one of those by the way…and is already broken.

We need a strong plastic or metal. Period.

Yes. Vote for stronger dongle. My dongle plastic cover just fell off when I removed it from my computer. I am willing to pay few euros extra. I even had old unused dongle,but I guess the glue in that had got old (5 years) and I carefully tried how tightly it was put together and it fell apart too. Luckily I had some tape. Guess I need to buy one extra just in case.

I would happily pay more as well.
I am sure every single user have the same issue as the dongle is the same for evebody.

+1 please please give us a tough & durable, professional, (ideally metal) dongle.

Sounds like a missed opportunity for Steinberg to make a few more quid. Kind of like cars with posher keys. A small upgrade fee for those who want a fancy durable one.

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    Take my money


I’ve had to tape my dongle back together as it split open after being dropped on the floor. It has also been bent quite a bit from resting against my laptop cover. I see this stuff as just general wear and tear considering I’ve owned it for well over 5 years.

What happens to my licenses if it dies? I can see my copy of Cubase in my Steinberg account under my products but what about 3rd party stuff like my reFX Nexus 2 license?

I used to own a USB flash drive that was made of titanium. One day it fell out of my pocket crossing the street and a car ran over it. It suffered some light scratching and worked perfectly for years after until it was stolen.

Those ones would last forever and they also looks great.

give us a metal dongle please. Forget about the easy brakeable blue plastic.



btw, some Motherboards/PCI extensions. have additional USB inside your Computer case. much more safe, then outside

I have bought 3 Steinberg keys in my life because two of them broke in half but luckily they still worked enough to transfer the license to the new ones. The problem is once they break they could be fried with static electricity since they have exposed circuit boards. I have the newer smaller one. It’s better being smaller but I’d rather a metal one even if it was slightly larger. I don’t see why a metal one couldn’t be made to the same size as the present plastic one.

Let me tell you, those guys at reFX can be very hostile. My eLicenser key died yesterday. I lost my Cubase and Nexus 2 licenses, but Steinberg was quick to get me up and running with Cubase. I had a temporary license within minutes and by this morning i had a new permanent license.

ReFX is another story entirely. The guy who runs the company, Michael Hartmann is a hostile person. Apparently ReFX has a company policy that if your eLicenser key breaks and you lose your authorization code, you have to send the key to Canada for them to prove you are not ripping off the company. When I complained and asked for his help, Hartmann was a massive jerk. This is what he said: “We have over 100,000 customers, I simply can’t deal with everyone personally because they have a stick up their ass about one thing or the other.”

My experiences haven’t all been negative with them. But if you are thinking of purchasing their software, don’t just go on my experience. Check out the tech support experiences of other ReFX customers on Gearslutz, KVR and reddit.

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I have two DAW machines in separate buildings (Connected to different equipment) and have often wondered how something like this works:-

It’s not a big issue, but i sometimes forget to take the key with me when i go to each machine. And quite needless wear and tear if i go back and forth a few times in a few hours. If i wasn’t such a tight git i’d buy a second license. lol

I’d rather see the physical dongle go bye-bye or a two-license option. I don’t use Cubase on my laptop simply because I don’t want to be bothered to constantly transfer the dongle back and forth (my hub is located in an awkward spot). Even two licences + iLok3 would be preferred by me.