give us back Cue NAMES in the Inspector!

Why in Hell have the Cues in the Inspector just numbers and no names???!?!!
In the tiny Mixer they have names!
and in the Inspector there is just a lot of blank space!!
have a look an the screenshot.

I know the cue inspector is disabled by default and I understand that for the most people it’s not that important, because they have just one headphone signal, or there is just one person working with this setup so you know what 1,2,3,4 is, but if you have 5 engineers in 4 studios with different setups and using not only 3 Headphone ways, but also ISDN/APTX, Source Connect, VST Connect and a telephone patch… this makes your work much harder than it has to be, and it should be soooooo easy to reprogram it, as before renaming the headphones sends to "cue"s they had the names displayed.

sorry I did’t complain earlier, but please reverse this change you made years ago.