Give us back the older timestretch algorithms as choices.

As several versions of Nuendo and Cubase have progressed to the current versions, the time stretch algorithms have also been accordingly updated…

As a sound designer, these different algorithms all sound different with their own intricacies once time stretched.
One sounds more grainy, some preserve the punch of a sound better, some have more artifacts, some are extremely CPU intensive and sound more transparent.

Thus as a sound designer / mixer / vocal tuner/producer and the other shoes we wear, it would be great to have more algorithms types to choose from the preferences menu.

I would really love to have access to those older C3/N3 algorithms, which really sounded great for certain sound design applications. I have since searched for a similar sounding one from a third party and haven’t been able to recreate that old grainy and unique time stretch algorithm that C3/N3 were bundled with.

Hope there are others that would like these as options as well. :smiley:

AFAIK, all of the “old” algorithms are still there. The MPEX has always been the main format, which indeed sounds great.