Give us Context Sensitive Help - local - like ProTools and Sonar has, please!

Proper offline help please, since daw computer is never online while working.

ProTools and Sonar are good examples how a good system is built to assist right where you are, and trying to figure out what a certain checkbox or field is for in a dialog.

I found pdf manual improve greatly in Cubase in the last five years.

But still too often, I found I have to refresh memory on a topic - and have to.
a) start manual shortcut, from help menu or similar
b) hopefully have a good wording to search for in how Cubase name things
c) start browsing from every hit you get from search, and hopefully find what you look for

I found Foxit Reader, which reads pdf and better in the sense that last document is always opened where you last had it open.

Thanks for support.