Give us the option to turn off the timeline loop enable.

I’ve been with Cubase since 8.5 and saw many complaints about this in that forum, as well.

It’s very important to give us the option to turn off the ability to enable Loop in the Timeline. Right now it’s clumsy and way too easy to accidentally enable loop; literally everyone who is on my system and uses another DAW asks me how I can deal with it.

This is a design element that can and does get in the way for many, so the solution is to give us the option to turn it off. For those who enjoy needing to find a very small space to locate, etc., without enabling Loop, they can continue with this curious implementation and the rest of us can turn it off.

Thank you for listening and doing.

Agreed! I hate the loo pin the timeline!

+1 This has been driving me a little nuts - it doesn’t really seem necessary… Anyone who is confined to using a mouse… Still can have the loop button visible to press. And anyone who has two hands (or even only one) should probably be using the hotkey - way quicker.

Cluttered UI in such a small and important space = no good.

This is such an irritation, please get rid of it or at least make it a preference?
9.0.20 is a big disappointment for me…