Given "Articulation" (Expression Map), How to Find "Playing Technique" That Links to It?

Dear Dorico Community,

(Dorico Elements 4)

Given an “articulation” (of an Expression Map) which I wish to use with some notes. How do I find the Playing Technique which I actually need to apply to notes, such that I end up with the desired “articulation” triggered?


  • I use e.g. the BBC SO Core Expression Maps (e.g. for Strings).
  • It has a “Con Sord” “articulation” (base switch).

But how to find the actual Playing Technique to apply to notes, in order to ultimately lead to that Con Sord articulation used with the notes?

  1. Open the Expression Map editor, hover over the Con Sord articulation → It’s linked to the “Muted” Playback Technique

But now, how to find out which Playing Technique to apply (because Elements has no Playing Technique editor or at least viewer), to then lead to the “Muted” Playback Technique, which ultimately leads to the desired “articulation”?

  1. Go to the right-hand panel for Playing Techniques and hover over all those texts and symbols that seem plausible, maybe the “mute” Playing Technique? → Yes, the “mute” Playing Techniques shows the internal name pt.muted, which might link to the “Muted” Playback Technique… I better test this, and yes, it works.

Is there an easier way? Am I missing something obvious? :thinking:

Thanks to anybody who could shed some light on this :slight_smile:

For the time being, that is indeed the way. I agree that it’s not direct enough, and there should be an easier way to tell which playing technique gives rise to the playback techniques in the current expression map.


Thank you @dspreadbury for taking the time to respond/confirm. It’s ok, it’s at least good to know that I’m not doing it completely wrong :slight_smile:

All the best