Giving plugins alias names, for better visual environment for mixing.

Maybe another 8 years, and it will be done?

Oh, the subject was “the ability to rename VST3 plugins, so they could be more readable in the mixer etc.”.

Oh wait, there is an editable xml file… Didn’t know that!

Hi Sonic,

I totally agree with you on this, but there is already a thread for this request and you +1’ed it. Why start a new thread for the same request? You could have posted this same info there.

If we expect Steinberg to review our requests, we should try to keep them as organized as possible to make it easier for them to sort through. Having one thread per subject makes it easier for that request to gain traction with other users also IMHO. Having a good description in the title that mentions the subject also helps people find your request when keyword searching thread titles. Do you mind updating you title?


You are so right. I cannot keep cool when the progress is so slow. It is like yelling at a turtle to move fast.