Gjerdingen-style scale degrees for bass and treble lines, in addition to figured bass

I am beginning to work my way through Robert Gjerdingen’s “Music in the Galant Style”, transcribing the musical examples into Dorico as a way to reinforce what I am learning. In addition to figured bass, he also annotates significant notes in bass and treble lines with their scale degrees. For bass scale degrees, he uses circled numbers; for treble scale degrees, he uses white numbers on filled black circles. You can see an example in one of his YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/xS9_BU81aWo?t=49

For my transcriptions, I would like to be able to do the same. Can anyone suggest a method to do this in Dorico (and a font if necessary)? It is important that I still be able to input figured bass in addition to the scale degrees.

Thanks for any help you can give!


You can set the figured bass to appear above the staff and use the lyrics tool to input the enclosed numbers. Choose a font that has those numbers (Musglyph does that I think)

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MusGlyphs has scale degrees, but MusAnalysis is a better fit for any sort of score analysis. It has all sorts of other analytical symbols you might need, including numbers with round enclosures.

PS: The current version of MusAnalysis doesn’t have white numbers inside black circles, but this was a great idea and I’ve added it to the next version, which will be available soon.