Glacial Peaks & Shadows - old ambient

Although not a new track, (Those who have been a part of previous incarnations of the forum may remember this track) it is a rebooted version. It’s an ambient piece of music originally recorded using synths on an old 4 track. I have no other source for the music as the original sequencing was done on a long lost machine.

I used Cubase to clean it all up and change the octave of the wind sounds - the original was a bit in your face and I think it was Jet who suggested the change. It’s taken some time but I think it’s still a good work as such. I’ve got a few others from the time (early 90s) which I might get around to working on as well.

In any case, have a listen


Yeah, a great track. Like it a lot.

You did a wonderful job on the transfer
and re-rendering. Very clean.

Very “tape”-ish, even if you didn’t tell us.
I still have a Yammy MT4X…working perfectly after all these years!

Thanks Jet.

Hi Jonathan, this is a really nice track! I’ve been on the forum for years (since late 90’s), and don’t remember it… the sounds all fit together. It’s a great ambient composition.

Thanks Leon. It’s one of my favourites and comes from a time when the world was pretty good for me and my family. Good memories.


I love it! It does have that 1980s ambient/new age sound. Reminds me of tracks from some of the new age music shows in the 80s. I bought a lot of those CDs and still enjoy them.

Thanks, yeah, I remember those CDs. All had a fantastic production - the sound was immaculate!


I’m a fan of ambient music and i enjoyed this…it draws obvious comparison with Mike Oldfield but…so what!!
good stuff my friend.

Very kind Kevin, thank you.


Very nice. I could not hear any tape hiss at all - amazing mastering you did!

I would call this New Age as it reminds me of the Windham Hill “Soul of the Machine” album, and composers like Suzanne Ciani and Liz Story, Patrick O’hearn. Stuff I liked BTW, definitely not taking a swipe at you!

Thank you. Windham Hill had some fantastic musicians and great recordings so I’m definitely not offended.