Glaciation by Matterson synthpop/electronica made with Cubase Pro 10.5

Hi 1st submission here made with Cubase 10.5, I’m based in South Wales UK


Matt (Matterson)

Well, this could be a tune from a David Lynch series/movie where horrible things happen in a seemingly innocent desolate place.

thanks for the comment great to hear what a tune can evoke in a listener, cheers, Matterson

nice music , nice choice of drums though I would reduce the volume a bit with this piece being a chill out kind of music and all, liked the sax-ish sound in min 3:30, also the drums could use a high frequency element or just a reverbed Tsss sound in the end.
Great song
Keep them coming

thanks Masoomi for the good ideas and support, :slight_smile: Matterson