Gli altri divisi label

Is there an easy way to have “gli altri, div.” indicated with a sub-bracket?
Like this:

I find it necessary for clarity especially in complex divisis with multiple solo and multiple section parts.

Hi @brittencellist yes is possible: here a visual guide:

-create a group selecting the desired staves in Change divisi window
-rename the group selecting Group and renaming it
-adjust the bracket in engrave mode where desired

For the Vc. to appear you can add it to the Group and Solo name, or maybe someone has a better solution…


Thank you!

What’s the reason, in the first example, that the “gli altri” label is so far to the left? It looks normal in the 2nd example.

If you can share a project file (cut-out Dorico file that shows the issue) I am sure someone finds the reason.

(and make sure, if the divisi is longer that a system, to rename as well the Short Names of the Solist and group)