Glide and 808

Hello, is there a way to do something similar in Cubase Pro 10 ?

I use a sample track with a 808 sample and pitchbend over 12 semitones, but as you can see in the video the glide is far more that 12 semitones et the effect and sound are really different. Any suggestions ? (alredy tried Kontakt portamento glide or retrologue 2 but don’t like it)

thank you

Also if anybody read this and know how to know if there is a way to change the value for the the automation pitchbend (8191 is the maximum so 12 semitones if your VST is configured that way, 0 no change, but what if you want to go from a C to a E ? how can you find your values ?)

Hi, the same topic was discussed:

thank you for the link but it is not answering the question about sliding over 12 semitones

You could try using Groove Agent instead of sampler track. Then you can use note expression (tuning) instead of pitch bend.

Are we talking about the same video ?

Please watch this:

please watch this :

for 12 semitones you can glide on cubase but what if i want to do more than that ?

Cubase doesn’t limit the semitones. You can glide up or down from any note to another. Like any analog synth.

But if you’re using kontakt like in the video, I noticed he sets the range for the semitones / glide. Maybe that’s your problem.

Maybe you should try with the Cubase sampler or send the sample to Retrologue 2.

Trying to do that effect with pitch bend would be extremely tedious, and wouldn’t sound that good anyway. What you need is non-retriggering portamento in solo mode. Many samplers have this feature, but unfortunately, Cubase sampler tracks don’t have this feature. Just load the sample into your sampler of choice instead of using a sampler track.