Gliss. after grace note in one staff affects spacing in other staves

It seems that the gap created by gliss. lines after grace notes in the trombone staff:
Screenshot 11-16-2021 22.40.59
creates an identical gap at the same rhythmic position in the flute staff:
Screenshot 11-16-2021 22.40.35
They seem to be linked in some way, whereas I’d have expected the gaps would be determined by individual circumstances.
I’m able to move the flute acciaccatura in Engrave of course, but I was just wondering why these grace notes are aligned like this at the point of their creation.

I assume that grace notes have their own global position, as do normal notes. Meaning, when space between grace notes needs to be created for the trombone, the horizontal position of all grace notes need to change because they happen at the same time.

See also this thread from September.

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Thanks, Mark, for drawing my attention to this thread. Somehow I failed to spot it in my pre-posting forum searches, despite its unequivocally bang-on relevant title.