Gliss line over a time change

This does not look nice :frowning:
How to fix it ?


There’s no way to erase background with this kind of object. I would try and change the casting off locally in order to provide more horizontal space for the first bar of this picture… (using either a system break or well-chosen note spacing changes before and after that bar)


Try this, cmd+shif+L / Default space for crotchet/quarter note 3 1/2

What’s the time signature before the bar where you’ve the two 8th notes? Do you really need 2/4 there? Is the time signtaure before something else than 2/4?

I think “gliss.” over a wavy line is redundant. With that style you could just hide the word.

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After entering the wavy gliss line and removing the word “gliss.”
I think the easiest way is to create a horizontal line with a hidden body, then write “gliss.” in annotation with the text font of the glissando line. Assign the line between the two noteheads and in engraver mode move the glissando where you want it.


gliss. 1