Gliss notation

Hello, I would like to have the gliss line notation from the beginning (or free chosen) point of the note that should be glissed. Now it just starts from the very end and is a bit unclear …

thanx for an advice

If you’re talking about a gliss on a tied note, they always start from the last notehead in the tie chain. You could use force duration for notes within the tie chain (and then tie left-to-right to preserve their durations) if you want e.g. a dotted half note at the end, whereas currently you have a quarter note.

Alternatively, you can move the glissando line endpoints in Engrave mode. If you do that with the property scope (top right of the Properties panel) set to “Globally”, that will affect all layouts (that is, most likely the score and the part as well).

Thank you I mean generally the Gleis is always notated at the end , but also at a whole note I would like the line to start in the beginning of the note, not at the end.

Could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? This is what I get for a whole note gliss - it starts at the notehead (ie the start of the note) and ends to the left of the destination note.