Glissandi in Cubase 8 Score Editor

Has anyone used the “glissando” marking found in the Score Editor under note markings? It attaches a tail to the note pointing at a 45 degree angle either down or up toward the note. How can I manipulate it to connect the beginning note and the ending note properly?

Thank you very much.

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You can’t.

The Score Editor in Cubase lacks a real glissando symbol with the text “gliss.”

Two workarounds :
1- If you dont need the text you can simply use the line tool.
2- Create your own symbol, but the text can’t be oblique and you’ll need to use an imported image.

But in both cases you can’t connect the symbol to the note head.

I need it too. :frowning:

Would certainly be a welcome addition… so, “+1” from me too :wink:.

Yes, for me too.
I’ve created my own image, but it would be easier to ave an oblique line

I’ve found the solution.
We must create a custom symbolel (the last button on the left of the screen).
We it comes to draw, we have to click the button “symbol” on the top of the windows. Then, among all of those music symbols, there is a small hlussando.
Finally we have to scale or flip it as we desire

The user symbols I think are more suitable for the very rare cases and it is great to have. but if it is frequent it is not convenient at all! I think I am going to add this as a feature request.

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