Glissandi input and doublestops / Filtering for Noteheads


so I’m writing a piece with a lot of glissandos and half-harmonics.

  1. Is there a way to speed up the input of glissando lines especially with doublestops? I tried recording a macro and it works for single note lines reasonably well, but with doublestops or tied notes it gets a little more complicated. (And I would much rather use the macro for changing noteheads to half-diamonds for all the half harmonics. Or is there a way to record multiple macros?)
  2. Is there a way to filter for noteheads? I would like to mute every half diamond notehead, but selecting them all would take ages, is there a faster way?



If you’re using Dorico 3, then you can assign a keyboard shortcut to create a glissando via Note Input > Create Glissando in the Key Commands page of Preferences. You can’t currently filter by notehead type, though that’s a good idea and it’s on our backlog for the future.

Thank you, works like a charm.
Alternatively could a notehead be connected to a playing technique?
And it would be quite useful to get changing noteheads also added to the available shortcuts. Actually all note input operations would be great.