glissando between Divisi staves

I’m having the following problem (didn’t find something on the Forum):
I can add a glissando-line between two different staves without any problem, but when I try to add a glissando-line between two divisi staves, the line will not appear. Why?

Under what circumstances would you be able to play a glissando line between two divisi staves?

The same question could be raised for two different instruments (where glissando-lines are possible). I use glissando-lines in the absence of proper lines to show voice leadings (if that is the correct translation for “Stimmverlauf”).

Ah. You said, “two different staves”, which, in the case of a grand staff piano instrument is, of course, possible to play. If you’d said “two different instruments” I may not have raised the question :wink:

Ok, this is not a real glissando, but an editor workaround for a line. I have no clue about that, but do not forget that in Dorico, those tools have a musical meaning, hence the problem using it in an impossible situation…
[Edit] Well, strange enough, I just tried to input a gliss line between two different players and Dorico does input it. That’s quite surprising!

Sorry for not being precise.

I really would prefer a proper line, but until they are available glissando-lines have been a much better workaraound than to use a graphic frame. Worked very well so far. I just ran into this problem for the first time this morning.

Heipet, you can use a gliss as you wish. You just have to create it with only the start note selected, and then adjust it manually in Engrave mode.

Thanks, pianoleo! I got stuck in my workaround, so that I didn’t try that. Still the question, why there is a difference between adding a gliss between two players and between to divisi staves. Daniel?

In fact the glissando is created correctly on the divisi staves, but it won’t draw. I’m not sure why that might be, and I’ll need to ask the team to look into this.