Glissando bug fix incoming soon? (please)

there’s a minor, but annoying, bug regarding glissando lines.
I’m not sure if it always happens, but in my case, it’s appearing whenever this situation arises:

if a glissando ends on the 1st note of the next page (or system), there is no glissando line on the 2nd page/system.
it goes up (or down) from the starting note, no problem, but ends at the system margin, and we don’t get the completion of the line to its target note.

I’ve been making do with shifting measures around to avoid having glissandi end on a next system/page, but this is simply not always possible.

Hi @Michel_Edward,

Would you, please, illustrate the problem by leaving a screenshot of the problematic glissando?
This will be very helpful for us in order to assist you the best way! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Well, definitely a bug… I made a screenshot of the issue.

Everything looks fine on page 1, but the glissando symbol doesn’t appear on page 2 in Write, Engrave or Print… It appears correctly only in Galley View.

Well, I hope the team would be able to fix it in the next release! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

hopefully that will be soon.
this orchestral work I’m engraving has a significant harp part (one of the few in my catalogue) and like I said, I’d rather avoid using cludgy work-arounds to get this done. (because when it DOES get fixed, then I have to go back and remove the work-arounds.)

Unfortunately at the moment there’s no workaround for this, but it’s something we are aware of and know it needs to be addressed.