Glissando for Strings in Dorico 4

Has anyone run into the following?:
Have two string players.
I choose a note in one player; choose the glissando tool & click on selected note.
another note in the other player gets the glissando line.
I’ve tried it several times and keep getting the same result. Can’t seem to “fix” this problem.
Anyone know what I might need to do to solve this issue?
Here are some screen shots to illustrate:

  1. Here are the 2 player parts. In orange is the note I clicked on to apply glissando.

2)Same player parts, but glissando applied to other part in different location:

Weird. But have you tried selecting the two notes, not just the first?

Is this something odd to do with divisi parts?

What version of Dorico?

Is there something odd going on with what appears to be a hairpin going to that note across the line?