Glissando help please

Hi everyone, could someone spare a little time to help please? I have a semibrieve on a trombone part followed by a crotchet downbeat that I want the player to gliss up on to, or scoop. I’ve tried applying a gliss but Dorico seems to insist that it must be connected to the note before and draws a long gliss line. This creates an unplayable gliss and wouldn’t be the effect I wanted even if it was. Anyone know how to apply a free standing gliss? Thanks

I think the only solution is to use a text symbol attached to the target note. See if you can use any of these symbols. You can copy from the webpage and paste into the text popover i Dorico, then select the symbol and choose the font Bravura text. Then finetune the placement in Engrave mode…

Thank you Fratveno, that’s great.