Glissando Iconica Noteperformer

We know that pitchbend glissando in Iconica Sketch is limited to two semitones, so I will assume that the same would be true for Iconica Instruments and Sections.

But we also know that NotePerformer supports pitchbend glissando up to an octave. Can Arne @Wallander comment whether the Iconica NPPE for Instruments and Sections is limited by Iconica to two semitones, or has NPPE found a way to allow pitchbend gliss up to an octave?

Yes it does - it uses the information in the Expression Map for pitch bend and in NP it’s set to 12 (an octave). Try it!

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NPPE does it’s own pitch bending up to an octave.

That said, don’t have too high expectations on the realism of long glissandos, since they’re artificial pitch bends.

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