Glissando lines disappearing if divisi->unison/unison->divisi

Hi dear Dorico community,

I have the following problem:
when I create a divisi in the middle of a page, Dorico fabulously doubles the first lines (really this tool is a fantastic idea!!). But unfortunatelly some problems appear if I create a glissando (or i guess its the same with any other line) to a target note, which is part of the new divisi: the gliss. line on the second staff is not shown.

The same problem appears the other way round, when I go from divisi to unison

I tried as a workaround to shift the unison one sexteenth note later, but then the problem appears with the next slurred note.

Is there a hope, that this can be fixed in the next update?
Or does somebody have a good idea for a efficiant workaround in the meantime?
Thanks so much!

I’m afraid there’s little chance of this being fixed in the forthcoming initial maintenance release for Dorico 4, no. But it is certainly something we intend to fix.