Glissando Playback BBC Spitfire with Dorico 5

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I’m struggling a little bit with getting decent demos of the music that I write with Dorico. I use BBC Spitfire library. I think I configured everything correctly but the strings are not playing glissando. How can I fix this?
Is there any way to pay for a session with someone in the Dorico team to fix all the issues I have regarding playback? I get lost in expression maps and things like that and I would like to concentrate on writing the music.

Also when I find a configuration that I like then I don’t know how to import the same VSTs configuration to a new project.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Dorico does not yet support continuous glissando playback. This is a known matter.

It’s a very frequently requested thing. I don’t hear of any timeframe for it. I do understand it is very complex from a technical point of view.

You can book a 30-minute session with one of our product specialists here:

Thank you very much!!

Hi, there might be legato setting and time, look for it. In Orchestral Tools it is, but I didn’t check it for glissando.

Sure you can tweak legato. I am not on the Steinberg team but I can assure you continuous string glissando is not possible or implemented in Dorico. No point looking for it. Not sure why you don’t take my word for it. Do a search of the forum for glissando and you will see.

Chromatic glissandos are possible.

In a recent thread, Daniel suggested it shouldn’t be too far away with the ability to configure the microtonal playback in the Expression Maps a first step in this direction. You can get a sort of gliss using pitch bend but I find it hard to control and it’s probably easiest to wait for the proper implementation. The only times I still occasionally find the need to open Sibelius for my own projects is when gliss playback is important.


The problem is that pitch bend shifts a single note. I guess a more complicate implementation could break it into smaller intervals, cross-fade them, and generate a bending with smaller shifting.


yes, could be. In the end, I have confidence the team will find a suitable solution.