Glissando playback in non-standard tuning


When I have a glissando line in the context of a 24-TET tuning system. The glissando is still executed as playing semitones (rather than quarter-tones) between the notes.

Is this the intended behavior?

Glissando playback is not supported in Dorico. Perhaps in a future release. Many people want it. It only does a rough job now, not usable in most use cases. I’m not on the team, but this is what @dspreadbury says in various posts.

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I have a feeling that Dorico doesn’t support glissandi because Halion doesn’t have the ability to produce them (or artificial harmonics). What a shame, because Noteperformer does. This means you are out of luck if you want to use Dorico for a demo that has these articulations, unless, of course, you have a vst plug-in that can produce these sounds.


We do plan to add support for continuous (i.e. pitch bend-based) glissandos in playback, but it’s not something that has clawed its way to the top of the backlog for implementation yet, I’m afraid.

It appears that even non-continous glissandi is not working correctly. When operating in a non-12TET system, the glissando still plays back as if it WAS in 12TET

What would you like it to do, Michael? Play all of the quartertone pitches rather than only playing back the semitones?