glissando problem

could anybody explain me please, why the portamento is not played in the attached example?
In the expression map i went to HSO Celli Combi and added ‘Portamento Up’ and assigned it to the Midi Number which I can see in the HALion PlugIn.
But it doesn’t play the gliss/port.

Another question: which PlugIn do you guys use to produce long glissandi of about 4 beats and 1 octave?
Will NotePerformer do the job?
I have a composition based on glissandi and it’s so difficult to find good sounding glissandi.

Thanx for helping.

Dorico does not yet support gliss playback.

But if you load Celli Combi into HALion you have 3 portamento options on A0 A#0 B0…is there no way how you can use them in Dorico if they are in the HALion sample library? I don’t understand. Why don’t they work with a keyswitch assigned in the expression map?

Glissando doesn’t play back because it’s not implemented yet.

(Yeah, I know that sounds like “it doesn’t play back because it doesn’t play back”…)

Implementing it “properly” is probably quite a big job, considering the different versions of gliss on different instruments, and the different control messages that different playback libraries use.

You can add playback playing technique to an expression map to activate those key switches, and add a playing technique to trigger the playback technique.

For string instrument portamento and glissando are different. Portamento is the unavoidable sliding along the finger board to reach the next note, if two notes on the same string are too far apart to play without shifting the left hand position, and players usually try to minimize it. On the other hand glissando is a deliberate and gradual change in pitch.

I would guess the portamento key switches in Halion implement “real” portamento, and possibly the different switches are because the transition between notes using different fingers can be partly a slide and partly a jump, if you care about simulating that level of playback detail.

I just tried this, and they do play back, but sounds nothing like a real portamento … more like the burst of a power drill or the pitchwheel on a synth from the 60-ies :laughing:


I just found the LASS first chair in spring sale. I think I’ll give it a shot for the glissandi. For the rest i"m well equipped with Spitfire libraries - it’s so odd that they don’t have good glissandi in any of their libraries !