Glissando spacing misbehaviour

Hello all,

When inputting a glissando after a dotted note and across a “headless” (user defined) note I get this funny behaviour on first staff:

This might be a bug as in all other cases (see second staff) my spacing preferences are followed. This one simply does not want to move accordingly.

I know I can fix this in Engrave mode, and I will certainly do, I just wanted to point out this inconsistent behaviour.

I’d be interested to know whether you find this happens in a newly-created score using factory settings? In general Dorico handles the positioning of the end points of glissando lines relative to rhythm dots pretty competently.

Dear, thank you for your answer.
I was also surprised by that, indeed Dorico handles it flawlessly most of the time!

I just checked by editing a new empty project and everything is working perfect there… Did my project file get corrupted?

No, but it’s possible that you’ve changed one of the options on the Glissando Lines page of Engraving Options in such a way that causes this behaviour. It might be worth a quick comparison of the values between your project and your newly-created project to see what the differences are.

Oh, I see. I’ll check that later and be back for feedback if I find (or not) what the cause is.
Thank you for your answers!