Glissando text

I’m playing around with the new Glissando playback… and it is AWESOME!!!
Finally the trombones in my 2nd symphony sound like they’re supposed to, and the “delay” for playback is great, very natural.

However, I noticed something:

1st and 2nd trombones have glissandi, but BOTH instruments in the condensed score, sharing one staff, are showing the “gliss.” text.

If I try to hide the 2nd 'bone’s glissando text (in “score only”) it then creates the two trombones as separate voices, rather than shared stems.

I hadn’t looked at this score in a bit, but don’t remember having issues with condensing of glissando text. The problem is that the two instruments are a 3rd apart, or a 4th apart, and the lower text is colliding with the upper line.

Might this be a new issue? something that slipped in without anyone noticing?

If this isn’t a new issue, could it be addressed in an upcoming patch? it would be nice to have ONLY the upper of the condensed instruments showing the text, the lower only needs the line.