Glissando tie request

I haven’t seen this posted before but maybe I missed it. When I input the following:

  • half note, half note, glissando to next note

And I tie the two half notes together, it turns into a whole note and the glissando is erased. Would it be possible for Dorico to infer that I really want the glissando, and not automatically convert to a whole note in this case?

Otherwise you have to delete the whole thing and start over with Force Duration turned on. Which is not the end of the world, but this has happened to me a lot. Conceivably I might also like this for dynamic markings, slurs etc. In other words, it seems natural to enter notes, put the dynamics, gliss, etc. where I want them, and then tie the notes together. Remembering to turn on Force Duration, anytime I want to do something like this, still feels pretty unnatural to me.

Even when Force Duration is turned on, if you do the following (same as above):

  • half note, half note, glissando to next note

And tie your notes together, the glissando is erased. So you have to turn on Force Duration, then tie your notes together, then input the gliss. It feels a little unforgiving.

Yes, I agree this is not ideal. It’s already on our backlog for future improvement.