Glissando without text, tying bow away from ...

  1. In the first bar I have a glissando with “always show text”, but there is no text!
  2. In the first bar I habe 3 tying bows from one three part chord to the next, but where are the bows??? High above the notes. How can I change this?
    Woman in (1.75 MB)

At the moment, glissando lines never show text on guitar, because I was under the mistaken impression that this was always the convention, so you can’t currently change this, but we will sort it out in a future update. You don’t need to slur all three notes in a chord: it’s sufficient to slur just one of them. If you really want to slur all three notes in the chord, you’ll need to manually position the “inner” slurs in Engrave mode.