Glitch at very beginning of exported file using external hardware effects?

I’m using a 44khz montage with one single mono track for vocal dialog. The file on the track is a low quality mp3 (128mbps). In the inspector, I have the external hardware plugin loaded, along with some other plugs before and after the external hardware. During realtime playback in the montage, it sounds perfect. As soon as I export a file though (using the render dialog to render back to mp3 128mbps again), the rendered file has a glitch at the beginning, making the render unusable. Any ideas on how I can get a good render?

Plugs loaded

  1. Gain
  2. External FX
  3. Ozone Maximizer


Same thing if you don’t use Ozone Maximizer?
Same thing if you use the Master Section for the external FX?

Sure enough… removing Ozone fixes the problem. I guess I can render once, and then render again with Ozone.

Is there anything else I can do to make this work in one pass? Why is this happening?


If I was in this situation, here are some things I would try:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated to Ozone 9.9.0 which was finally released last week after letting it sit well over a year without a maintenance update. Perhaps the latest version performs better.

  2. If you’re using the VST3 version, try the VST2 version (or vise versa) to see if the other format performs better.

  3. Use a different plugin. The last version of WaveLab that iZotope lists as being officially supported with Ozone 9 is WaveLab 9, which was released in 2016.

I think more WaveLab users need to ask them to support WaveLab 11 before they will consider taking a serious look at it because right now the priorities of iZotope are clearly elsewhere.

I removed ALL plugins… working with a single mono track in a montage. The external effect plugin is the only plugin loaded. It’s on the “track” plugins list. If it’s loaded into the master section, it won’t work at all. If it’s loaded into the track plugins, it works for playback… BUT, it’s still not rendering right. The very end of the clip is cutting out before it should… I’m losing the last 1/4 second or so, so I can’t print the file.

I’m editing dialog and trying to render through an external vocal compressor.

You could insert the “Silence” plugin in the Master Section, to prolong the file.

Thanks PG,

I think I can make this work for now… but it does change the length of the files, which is sometimes a problem… I don’t know if you’re still working out the bugs in the external plugin, but if there’s anything Wavelab could do to automatically handle this issue so the file length would not change and I could just render in place without trouble, that would be awesome.

Thanks for the solution in the meantime though… I think I can make it work for this project.