Glitch every 96 samples

I need to repair an audio file.

When it was recorded… a slight 1 sample glitch happened every 96 samples.
I can manually (draw) fix the glitch but the file is 20+ minutes long.
Is there an automatic way to do this in cubase?

I’ve tried keyboard macros etc. to at least automate the task but with no luck.

Try a declicker. If you have Wavelab there’s the Sonnox inside. Or just look for the previously bundled Declicker on the Steinberg ftp server.

I’ve tried… they can’t quite do it. It sounds almost perfect if I manually fix each one. I was just hoping for a way to automate the task. I guess it was a problem with the ASIO buffer (which was set to 96). Now I’ve got almost an hour (2-mono tracks) that have a glitch every 96 samples.