Glitch in audio with synth horns, all patches

I am trying to solve a playback issue. The score I am working on has synth horns, and no matter what patch I used from Halion SE there is a strange low-frequency glitch at the end of all notes.

I have adjusted buffer settings etc but this does not solve the problem. It even persists when exporting audio.

Are you sure a mismatch between your instrument and the Expression Map applied to it is not filtering out keyswitches pitched below the normal range of the instrument?

Upon further investigation, it appears to only happen when using staccato articulation.

Range should not be an issue. Everything is right in the middle of the range.

The issue will be that you have loaded a new sound in HALion Sonic SE, which doesn’t use any keyswitches, but Dorico doesn’t know, so it’s still using the expression map that it assigned when it loaded the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds. Use the Endpoint Setup dialog to set the expression map for those channels back to Default.

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