[Glitch] Inverted Phase on Uncut Audio

Cubase 8.0.40
Mac OSX 10.10
3.2 GHz Quad i5 Haswell
16 GB DDR3
I’ve been using Cubase since SX, so you guys can talk to me in technical terms.

Okay, this is probably the strangest glitch I’ve ever seen…
I’m finding that my phase is sometimes flipping on a freshly recorded, uncut audio event. The inversion always happens where I have the left locator set, either for a previous auto punch-in or whatever. From bar 1 to 18 something like the snare wave will start upward like normal, then bar 19 (right on the grid) it starts downward until the end of the event. No edits, freshly recorded audio, nothing on the channels. You can actually see the audio change direction at that point in the wave display.

It’s easy to fix, since I just have to cut it at the bar (convenient, I guess) and flip the phase of the new event from 19+, but what the heck, it’s so weird…

I am recording some scratch drums with a M-S room set, so the phase inversion is VERY apparent, which may be why this is my first time actually hearing it. Anyone else notice this on their machine?

Thanks for any input!