Glitch pause on reference track

Ok so the first glitch I’ve encountered in Wavelab 11 is sometimes when I add a reference track in the audio montage and set up a loop point, as it reaches the end of the loop, the audio drops out, then it loops, and does the same thing, annoying to say the least. The original audio track in the montage however does not do this, it loops seamlessly with no issue. My Wavelab 10 does not show this behavior, all looped sections, montage or audio tracks play seamlessly always.

100% sure the loop is correct ? just asking

regards S-EH

hi EH thanks for asking, yes like I said in the post I can use the exact same loops in Wavelab 10 with no issue. And it is happening regardless of the audio used. On the other hand it is kind of intermittent because I opened another project and only used a reference track originally and it worked ok.
but it pretty regularly happens when I do my usual workflow of mastering a song using effects in the master section and then drag in a reference track, pretty much every time now I get this skipping audio issue.

Are you using plugins in the reference tracks? If yes, do they have a long latency?

Same issue I reported in W10 a while back and again recently. I get it with just the external FX plugin being used on the process track (not ref track) which shouldn’t be causing much latency but seems to have a bug.