Glitch/Stutter Effect

This might be a novice question but nothing I found on the internet seemed to fit my question.
I started playing a game called Remember Me and the soundtrack interested me.
Soundtrack: - YouTube
So this got me thinking, how would I go about creating similar glitch and stutter effects that are used in this? I found on the internet ways of cutting up the audio and repeating it but it just seems to be missing something. Can anyone offer any advice?


Sugar bytes Effectrix ,Turnado , Illformed Glitch 2 and i do believe loop mash FX and you posted in the wrong section but welcome to the forum :wink:

Thanks for the help, I’ll look at those. Oh haha I wasn’t sure where to post, its the first thing I posted. Sorry :slight_smile:

Try the Cubase Plugin loopmash FX.

I would also suggest The Finger by NI… I think it has over 1600 FX including Glitch presets with a different fx on each key of your synth. Exactly like loopmash but with lots more type of FX you would hear on most dance music, velocity sensitivity meaning the higher the velocity equal more FX like a send until you reach the maximum. You can also use more than one FX at the same time. I’m sure you’ll find what you need and much more :slight_smile:

Check it out:

Turnado is the most powerful of the lot :
24 different FX can be assigned to 8 slots which all have their own modulation routing x3 and all 8 slots can be controlled individually or all by one fader for some absolutely crazy fx , the only thing it lacks is it’s own sequencer but you can automate every single parameter . :wink:

Crazy glitching :wink:

And today Vengeance release their glitch plugin (and tapestop):

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been trying lots of techniques with gating, sidechaining, Kontakt, Cubase effects such as LoopMash etc to do this, but thanks to this post I’ve just purchased the Vengeance Glitch Bhitch :slight_smile: Awesome.
Mind you, I still want to figure it out for myself.