Glitch when comping grouped tracks from lanes

I’ve noticed that when I’m comping multiple tracks (all in the same folder with group editing enabled) using lanes mode, only the tracks with lanes currently showing will respond to my edits. So for example, if I want to comp a drum kit and only have the kick and snare showing, my comps will only apply to those mics. In order to actually have everything in sync, I have to have lanes showing for every single track.

Is there a way to disable this behaviour? Like, why would I ever want this? If group editing is enabled, I obviously want the comps to apply to all of the tracks. But say I have 20 lanes for 20 drum mics, I need to have every single one of them open so my session is now showing an extra 400 tracks on the screen. Makes for a very messy and confusing workspace, not to mention time-consuming to go through and enable lanes for every track. And if I forget to do this or miss one, I risk having to go back and re-do a bunch of comps. Ugh.

Did you record with group edit enabled ?
If not , did you get any error when activating the group edit ?

What i normally do is record with group edit active ( i have a subgroup from lets say Acoustic guitar with 3 mics, all 3 mics go to AC1 bus and that bus to the AC folder) i dont even open the lanes for comping , there is a small square symbol underneath every event to change lanes. All tracksl change at same time.

PS: forgot to mention i dont use the comp tool very often, i do splits at certain zones and from there i manually adjust and select lanes /takes for a final comp.

All of the tracks are aligned and have the same start/end points. That’s not the issue. Edit moves work fine when not using lanes and the comp tool.

I know there are other ways to do it, such as flipping through track versions, but I’m trying to figure out if there is a reliable way of doing it with lanes, as I like being able to see all the takes at once as it can be a lot faster.