Glitches when rendering through External FX

I have an issue where I need to add an extra second or two at the start of a clip when rendering in realtime. If not then I get a slight gap or glitch at the start of the file.

What I also notice on the render window is when I start the render I see the waveform of the start of the song. Then there’s some silence and then finally I hear the audio and see the waveform start again in sync.

It looks like there’s some pre-roll happening. If I try to render a song with the start trimmed too close to this pre-roll then the glitch happens.

In some cases it’s ok to have the extra silence at the start but in other situations if a track needs to be an extact length it causes extra time to have to trim the extra bit at the start again.

Anyone else see this?

Any specific plugins also involved here? And does it go away when they are removed?

I could write a book on why I prefer to record back to a new track to edit/trim/fade and then do the final render digitally vs. rendering in real-time through hardware and calling it done.

Hi Justin,

Yes need to go through and try to find out what’s doing it. I assume it’s a combo of having Weiss plugins and then external on the master (and sometimes parallel).

I did see in your video you capture analogue first.

What I’m trying to avoid though is having to trim tracks that need a certain length to them (for instance some score work that needs to be exactly 30 secs etc… or line up exactly for doing stems).

It’s possible that bypassing the digital plugins will let me use the external stuff without any glitching (and therefore need to trim off the extra pre-roll I need to add).

Coming from Cubase this is never an issue but will investigate more.

The Softube/Weiss EQ indeed has a rendering problem in WaveLab, even when working all “in the box”, as does the DeEss plugin, but the rest of the DS1 series is OK AFAIK.

Softube has fixed it but I believe has not yet released a public update, hopefully soon.

Whatever your workflow is, I’m an advocate for locking in the processing before rendering the final track by track versions which of course need to be done with precision.

Thanks Justin will look into that. In a current project I didn’t have the Weiss and was still having issues (even when hitting play I get a little glitch just after playing starts).

I seem to have narrowed it down to having two external inserts active as when I take one off the glitch stops (also seems tied to the ASIO guard as that setting affects how soon after I hear the glitch)

I did also notice the end point of a track got cut off just before it was meant to (almost like a negative latency adjustment stopping it too soon).

just post something about it … just have the exact same problems. I am using Weiss as well.
Medwaystudios … did you find a solution to fix it ?

Hi Phil. I ended up going back to Cubase 11 to do most of my analogue based mastering. I just use Wavelab for touch ups and other work.