Glitches while playing audio


I’m using cubase 5… I recently downgraded my laptop from Vista to XP. When I play any audio file in cubase it causes glitches for almost every 2 seconds. I would really appreciate some help here… Thanks

This is my config

M - audio Fast track interface(USB 2.0)
Intel core 2 duo @ 2.0 GHz

Processor scheduling to background and raise buffer size.

Thanks… I did that… But it plays properly only if I set the Buffer size to nearly 1000 samples… Anything else that I can do to reduce the buffer size and still be playing audio without skips?? Cuz it used to play well in Vista with less Buffer size…

I’ve done everything to tweak xp to best performance ( Whatever I could find online i.e change settings in the ’ system’ n disabling windows sounds n stuff)


Still can’t figure out wat’s wrong!!!

Maybe the selected ASIO driver…!?

I don’t think so… cuz I tried the M-audio ASIO driver and the ASIO4all driver… Same results in both…

I don’t have a solution for you but I have to ask why you downgraded to XP if Vista was working okay :question:

Did your Laptop originally come with Vista or XP ?

Were you using Vista 64 bit? And if so, might you still be using some 64 bit plugs?

My laptop came with Vista 32 bit… I had problems of clicks and pops now n then with vista as well… And moreover my friend asked me to convert to XP cuz it’d be more stable and I planned to use VST’s for which he said Vista might be problematic. And that’s what I read online as well - that XP works well for recording… But now I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me!! Any audio material that i import into Cubase skips unless I set the buffer size to more than 1024 samples…

So… yea… changed to XP hoping that it would run better… but doesn’t look like that on my laptop…

turn off your internet conection ( wi fi) while working on cubase

Hey Devin,
The following info would be helpful.

On a newly opened project at low latency (128 or 256 samples), how much performance is your ASIO meter saying?
Does the ASIO meter jump all over the place (like it’s spastic), or is it relatively stable and just glitch occasionally?
What are some of the performance heavy plugins/VSTi’s that you are using?
Are you opening a template with any of these VSTi’s and plugins pre-enabled?


The ASIO meter keeps jumping all the time and the LED keeps lighting up. It’s never stable -Even if I just open an empty project and do nothing…


Same result even if I turn my wi-fi off…

Did anyone manage to find an answer for this cos I’ve been coming across the same problem for over a year. Till the point I’ve actually converted to fl studio. The one DAW I always HATED. I would love to get back into using cubase but there seem to be no explanation and NOOO FIX wat so ever for this problem. It’s not even clear on how it comes about in the first place. I have tried absolutely everyyyyyyy effin thing o the face of the planet. Buffer sizes, Soundcards, plugins, preferences,reinstalling, renaming project folders, everything.

I’ve got some of my tracks ready for master so alot of them are in stems and the problem happends only with audio. Not midi. So it’s not an output thing.and even when import the tracks into a fresh project it still glitches. And if I import a song only sometimes certain tracks will play . Then others will glitch. U can never tell which track or stem is going to glitch. When I import them to fl studio it doesnt glitch. But I wud prefer to master in cubase. I’ve recently bought a new laptop with more RAM so it’s nott that. So wat is it. Can someone help urgently