Glitchy Cubase GUI after Kontakt Reinstall

Hello everyone!

I just ran into this issue for the very first time in around 5 years after I had to reinstall Kontakt and reactivate all of my libraries.
Following problems occur:

My GUI looks very different now, I think a screenshot will describe this better than I can:

I tried completely removing Cubase with all of its content and reinstalling by using the regular 9GB Cubase 8 installer which would not change anything. After that I again removed my whole Kontakt installation which did not help either.
Neither did the 8.0.40 update.

I also crawled through the settings to maybe find some messed up Track-look option that somehow got glitched during the Kontakt reinstallation.

I run a Win10 System with an i7-2600K + 20Gb Ram.

Any help is very very welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I fixed this by deleting the preferences folder in Cubase (by hand, it did not work when resetting it from Cubase safe mode).
A more thorough instruction is found here: