Glitchy Graphic Performance using Sampler Tracks

Since upgrading to Cubase Pro 10, I’ve experienced graphic glitches of the sampler track’s waveform display while triggering notes for the track. The sampler track’s playback cursor will behave unpredictably while I’m triggering notes either with a midi keyboard or with the on-screen keyboard.

Sometimes the cursor won’t move at all during the sample playback, or appear in random places along the sample and frozen in time. I’ve noticed that these glitches only occur when the sampler control window is visible. It seems like the issue causes Cubase to become irresponsive - if the Sampler Control window is visible while I’m drawing notes in the key editor, the glitches will cause notes to be drawn where I didn’t intend to draw them.

Has anyone had this issue? Could it be a graphics card setting that I need to adjust?

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to update your graphical card driver or try to use generic Microsoft graphic card driver instead of dedicated driver.

Hey Martin,

I went and updated to the latest nvidia driver for my card. I’m now using the latest driver but the issues persist. As for using the generic graphic card driver - my motherboard disables the integrated graphics chipset while an external video card is connected to the system. Is there another possible solution?

In Cubase Pro 9.5, I notice I don’t have the same graphics issues with the sampler tracks. For me, the issues started with Cubase Pro 10.


There are differences between Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10 drawing the GUI.

Could you try to remove your external video card and just for test to use the integrated graphics card? Or just to use generic driver for your external graphics card.

I want to give an update on this issue. After running the 10.5.20 Pro update on the same system as I was having the issue, I’m very pleased to say that the sampler track works perfectly fine now! There are no longer any display glitches of the sampler track waveform display or of the fader during the live playback of a sample.