Glitchy playback in Cubase 4

I have this problem when reviewing Cubase projects that I had previously created and imported/recorded audio into. This problem only occurs when using the internal audio driver on my mac (no problem when using my USB interface). Also, exporting the audio works fine, no glitches. It’s difficult to characterise the playback, maybe best described as digital distortion, mangled, something in that vain. Could this be an issue with misaligned sample rates? I dunno, I’ve scoured the internet, any help would be very welcome…

Aloha N,
Something weird happens when using a 3rd party device (USB/FireWire etc)
and then trying to use built-in-audio. It will often glitch.

I have found that if I want to use ‘built-in audio’, (testing .aif’s etc)
it is best to restart the Mac.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for your response but unfortunately the problem’s a bit more severe than that. These are files I created months ago, i.e. multiple restarts… In fact, I just realised that it affects Cubase projects that I created using built-in audio too…