Global Analysis Average Loudness question

I just want to know why when I run a track through the global analysis for the average loudness it adds a -4dB to the file now this is not a mastered file for I’m mixing down from like -9peak -20Average but when I analyize this I get -4dB added to the average what was -20.00 is now a -24.00dB however the peaks stay the same any one here ever come across this I know this may be very old news Lol but please help

Global Analysis
Resolution 50ms
Threshold -50.00

you have to check that you use the same methods of measurement and the same scaling

well is it ok like it is or are you saying to adjust the resolution and threshold for average in the global analysis?

How you measure before, and how you measure after?
And what is between the two measurements?

Hi and thanks for your reply,
If my track is say -15 and I even play the whole track before I analize it and I write down the stats for comparison however when I do a global analysis a -15 goes to a -19 what I’m asking is does it matter being I get a -14 in the end anyway and also it sounds hotter(this could be me) when I adjust the resolution and threshold to match exactly say -15+ well I adjust the resolution and threshold until I get a -15+ Do I need to do all of this? and am I ok with just the default settings I’m sorry for the winded post I just want to get a little more understanding of this

again you compare different things…
the level meters are different than the global analysis
and Loudness is a very tricky topic to understand…

If it sounds good, don’t bother with the numbers…

Thank you for I never bothered with the global analysis stats before I just analize the track get and idea of whats going on and go from there and now when I try and get all techy with it the track sounds hotter where it didn’t before I start messing with the global analysis resolution and threshold(for the average) thank you for even taking the time to respond I’m not going to mess with it anymore