Global Analysis Hotspot marker

I am using Wavelab Elements 10.0.40. After running a Global Analysis of Errors on a BWF file, and then generating Markers for the Hotspots that the analysis has identified, is it possible to 1) embed and retain those Hotspot Markers in the header of the BWF file, and/or 2) generate a report (xml, text, etc.) to document where those Hotspots occur in the waveform.

Much thanks in advance for any help with this.

  1. From the dialog, you can generate markers. But these markers are of the kind “temporary”, aka non-saveable. However, there is a marker function to change the marker type. Hence you can transform these markers to another kind.
  2. In the Marker window, there is a function to export the marker. The time unit is the same one selected for the audio file’s time ruler.

Thank you Philippe.