Global Analysis reports wrong values with RMS in AES17 mode

Hello there,
I recently spent hours trying to figure out while I got the “wrong” values for maximum loudness out of a wave file, thus discovering the “Use AES17 standard for RMS values” flag. Wonderful! Thank you PG and WLers!
Maybe this time I am wrong, but there should still be a real problem in the “Global Analysis” window, in the “Loudness” panel: the “Maximum Left and Right” values are correct, but the values you find on the right side of the slider labelled “Number of hot points”, which activates when you click on one of the maximums, are not displayed according to the AES17 flag. Exactly, they seem to be computed ignoring the status of the flag and with the non-AES17 convention.

WL is version 7.11, running on Windows 7 32bit.

Anyone else noticed this behaviour?



Well seen. This will be corrected in next update.

Thanx, PG!